SUN FLYER 26 Overview
Comfort and performance

● comfortable main cabin with up to 8 berths,
● comfortable very specious cockpit with demountable table,
● comfortable one hand sailing
● comfortable one hand mastlaying on the swining keel version
● comfortable way to the shore through the open stern
● comfortable anchor platform - easy acces by the bow mooring.

The yacht is produced in three versions:
● with balanced galvanised steel centreboard,
● with profiled fiberglass sliding keel, and
● with fin keel.

Superb value for money

With six full sized berths (minimum 2 m long) Sun Flyer 26 is large enough for big family to spend weekend on, or a couple of holiday with. Optional two movable berths near the centreboard box can be mounted. Spacious cabin which leaves a lot of space around the large table. Ergonomic galley with 2-burners gas cooker (alcohol cooker as an option) and comfortable sanitary compartment with sink and toilet (shower installation possible) makes even a few-weeks holiday onboard a real pleasure.

Comfortable and safety deck give you the warranty of secure and comfortable cruising. All the ropes are adjustable from the cockpit. Three types of engine mounting are available: outboard engine on the bow, outboard engine mounted in the well under the cockpit, inboard diesel engine.

Downwind options for more demanding skippers offer the symmetric Parasailor, or assymetric gennaker.
At the time of publishing, all information regarding the model and equipment are up to date. The manufacturer retains the right to alter the construction or equipment details to improve the product. The constructor retains the right to make alterations in construction and fitting out as required.
Notice: The photos above may show variations and details that have been made to clients special wishes and are not included in the standard delivery package.